My style icons.

I love making a stand out appearance on my style and I love to try new things and not be afraid to wear what I want to wear, even if sometimes it will be a bit different and I will get some (OK a lot) of stares. I am used to people staring at me even tho I still don’t like it and I can sometimes feel a bit paranoid and anxious, but I choose to look this way so it is nothing that I don’t expect to be honest. Especially when I’m walking around with my funky hair colours that stand out to people haha.

There are soooo many beautiful people that inspire me with their fashion style, tattoos and hair and I love to get ideas from each one. Most of these people being fashion bloggers or Youtubers! Continue reading “My style icons.”

My style: New shoes

I really need to stop buying shoes, I just can’t help myself. I fell in love with these super cute shoes which you can buy from H&M for Β£29.99. They are black, quite chinky heeled shoes with lace ups and they make me so much taller than I actually am! I wore them for the first time today and it probably wasn’t the best idea (it was a 9 hour shift afterall) but nevertheless, everyone commented on how nice they are and that I looked adorable today. I added my own touch of cuteness aswell by wearing frilly socks with them. Continue reading “My style: New shoes”

Style diaries – OOTD πŸ’œ

Hello πŸ™‚Β 

Today I wore a cute little black dress with some grey ribbed tights, they are nice and thick too as it was super chilly this morning! This was my outfit for today, I worked today and I love to look good and feel good Β in work too as I work in a fashion clothes shop, h&m to be precise! Love it! πŸ™‚ The necklace that I am wearing was from a set from H&M and this is just adorable, cute little black choker with a dark red pendant! On my feet I wore my brand new converse! Love them, they are in black, of course! πŸ˜‰ went for a natural lips with brown glitter smokey eyes today!

What I wore..

  • Dress H&M basics Β£9.99
  • Tights Primark Β£3
  • Converse Β£45
  • Necklace H&M Β£4.99 (set of 3)

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this little post!

Until next time lovelies!Β 


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