The LUSH tag! πŸ’œ


I seen this tag on a few of my fellow Lushies blogs and I really had to do it! I haven’t actually been tagged by anyone but I am going to do it anyway and tag a few bloggers that I love to do it also! I have liked LUSH for such a long time, since one day back when I was a spot prone teenager my Nan used to give me gifts such as their facemasks and I was hooked! I love that this tag brings together bloggers with a love for LUSH!

So let’s go! Here are my LUSH tag answers =

What was your first…

1) Lush Bath Bomb?

Ooooh I really Continue reading “The LUSH tag! πŸ’œ”


Lush bubbleroon bubble bar πŸ’œ

Hello you lovely lot! I used a gorgeous smelling bubble bar today from Lush and it is pink and glittery and smells amazingly like rose, just like their Rose Jam shower gel if you have ever tried that? (ALSO AMAZING) I love the fact that this is shaped as a Macaroon with that they made the name Bubbleroon, so cute. It looks so good I want to eat it! I have used this bubble bar once before a while ago and found that I still had this one wrapped up in it’s cute little gift box as I had gotten it as a present for my birthday and totally forgotten I had it!

Inside the box the bubbleroon was wrapped in pink tissue paper which is so adorable and the box itself was so lovely, it’s bright pink with a green lid and a little gold bow tied up on the top. I used half of the bubble bar as I usual do with Lush bubble bars, as I think this is plenty for how much bubbles it makes and then you can wrap the other half up and used it again next time!

It made my bath a wonderful pink colour and lots of lovely smelling bubbles too! The rose jam scent is made up from lemon, rose geranium oil and fair trade cocoa butter and shea butter which also makes the skin feel super soft and smooth afterwards. I really really do love the smell of the Rose Jam scent and I am a big fan of all Lush products anyway as they all smell fantastic.

I really loved using this Bubbleroon and one of my favourite things to do to relax is to have a Lush bath as they always put me in a happy mood! πŸ˜€ You can get this Bubble bar from your local Lush shop or online for just Β£3.75! πŸ˜›



my Lush skincare routine. πŸ’œ

Hello everyone! 😊


Today I’m going to share with you my skincare routine and what products I use on a day to day basis. I know some people use different things day and night but I find using the same products twice a day does good things for my skin, as they say we are all different! My skin type is combination, so sometimes may be dry and sometimes Continue reading “my Lush skincare routine. πŸ’œ”

Luxury Pud bath bomb. πŸ’œ

Hello everybody!

So I am a HUGE Lush fan! As many people will know why, as they share the same love I have for Lush. I am very lucky to have my best friend Kristie to actually work in the factory in Bournemouth where they make and fill and label all the products to send them all over the world for us lushies to enjoy! She has been very privileged to even meet the people who actually make the products, if you have any lush products you will see a little round sticker with a face on, those are the people who make them (how cool?!). For working at lush she get’s a massive discount of 50%! Wow so nice of the company to give such a high discount. So she treats me alot and get’s me lot’s of things, so as you can imagine I have so so much Lush stuff in my bedroom and bathroom. I have been meaning to use this bath bomb that I got from Lush over Christmas time, for ages! But I had so many I kept forgetting about this one. I was very excited as it is so colourful and I had heard that it looked amazing in the bath, and so it did! I have been ill over the past few days and today I feel much better after relaxing in the tub!

bath bomb pudLike, how fantastic does that look! Before and after it’s used the colours are just amazing, I just love it so much and it obviously smelt lovely and lush too. I love my bath times it’s one of my favourite things to do and have some relaxing me time! I know that this specific bath bomb isn’t available to buy from the Lush Shop anymore at the moment until next Christmas but they have there new range of Valentines products right now and I am eager to take a trip to Lush to see what goodies I can buy myself! I will probably do a post on some things I buy once I make my trip! Oh how I do love the Lush shop it is one of my faves!

Until next time my lovelies, Sophie β™₯