*WARNING* lots of photos! πŸ˜›

Wow, my hair has change sooo many times, especially in the last 6 years from ages 18-24, as 18 was the time I studied Hairdressing at college so me being me, all i wanted to do was experiment and thats where the addiction to changing my hair colour started!

I was very blonde when I was little and then it got darker Continue reading “A TIMELINE OF MY HAIR”

Keeping up with silver hair!Β 

I had been rocking silver hair for a few months now and I really love how it looks and originally I had lilac hair and it faded into a silvery colour and I loved it so much I decided to go for it for my next hair colour! I have recently changed my hair again so I wanted to make sure I get this post out there to help any people who want/have silver hair too and can take on my tips on how I acheive this look, or if you would just like to read about it! I know silver/grey hair is really in at the moment, just like pastel colours lots of people are now braving it and going for it and it is so nice to see other fellow hair crazy girls out there, I love it, go wild why not!:P Continue reading “Keeping up with silver hair!Β “

Lilac hair is here! πŸ’œ

Hello world. πŸ˜€


As you guys may be aware if you have been reading my blog a while I love to dye my hair and my favourite colour is purple (hence the purple hearts :P) So I decided to dye my hair a lilac colour and I lovvveeee it. I have had this colour before a couple of months ago but it faded really quick when I went on holiday, probably the sun or something!? I am just going to go through some steps on how I achieved this gorgeous colour πŸ™‚ Continue reading “Lilac hair is here! πŸ’œ”