Top 10 ecards. πŸ’œ

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We all love ecards and we have days where we’d share them on our social networking sites because it perfectly describes exactly how we are feeling haha. I love reading them, they always make me laugh. Here is my top 10 that I love and I think our so relevant to me. Continue reading “Top 10 ecards. πŸ’œ”

Favourite all time Big Brother contestants. πŸ’œ

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I am a huge fan of Big Brother and I try to watch it all every year. I prefer the regular Big Brother to the Celebrity one as I like to watch real people all from different types of lives live together and see how they bond and stuff. This year has been great! Soooo many arguments it’s been crazy! But so many good and funny times too. Here are a few of my fave housemates that I have watched throughout the years, enjoy! Continue reading “Favourite all time Big Brother contestants. πŸ’œ”

the struggle of growing out your hair. πŸ’œ

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After years of the same old hair cut sometimes some of us may think to hell to it let’s get a haircut, some thing brand new. This was me about 5 years ago, I made the brave decision to cut my longer-than-shoulder-length hair into a cute little pixie hair cut.

At this point in my life I was studying hairdressing in college so I wanted to go wild and have an edgy look, and it looked great! I dyed it black and it really suited me, everyone constantly complimented me about it and I really did love it, so much that I had this look for about 3 years. At times I went even crazier and would shave bits of my hair too! This looked awesome but grew out really quickly. I started to grow it out a little and I experimented with different hair colours *as I do* I bleached it blonde, to vibrant red, to brown to black again (nothing ever changes haha! oops) After a while of growing it out I was like nahhhh I miss my short haircut so I would cut it again, I did this a couple of times! Then finally about 2 years ago, I decided to grow it out again and this time I was persistent to keep it up, and I have! *go me*

Okay I feel like I’m ranting on a bit now.. anyways so here are some thoughts that any of you girls or guys will have if you know the struggle of growing out your hair!

1. This is never going to grow Continue reading “the struggle of growing out your hair. πŸ’œ”

10 types of girls you meet in the toilets on a night out. πŸ’œ

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You may see some pretty odd and interesting things on a night out especially if it is a big town. I am from Bristol so it’s a big city with lots of bars and clubs so on the weekend it gets super busy with lots of people partying and getting drunk. You know you will near enough always meet people in the toilets when the night is getting more steamy and here are some of them..

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