Little Life Update! πŸ’œ

Hey guys!

So as I sit here with peach hair dye on my head I felt like writing a little update post! I have been growing my hair for like nearly 2 years now and it’s only just past shoulder length, man I wish we had like miracle shampoo that made it grow super fast!! Why isn’t stuff like this invented yet?.. Anyways, so as I said I am currently dyeing my hair peach again using the Bleach London Peach, it costs Β£5 from Boots for the bottle which is quite a fair price. I love all these pastel colours hair dyes that we have nowadays, it’s so cool! I love to dye my hair, I really am an addict! πŸ˜› I recently dyed my hair a purple/lilac colour but I went on holiday to Turkey the day after and it faded really quickly because of the sun and stuff, so I have had my blonde/silver colour for the last few weeks. I am still living at my Mums but I really miss Bristol, I have future plans that are constantly changing and I have felt kinda lost recently, but it’s all good, I have support from my loved ones around me and I am always trying to look on the positive side of every situation. My best friend Kristie is coming to pick me up later on tonight and we are going to Bristol for the weekend and it is Bristol Gay Pride tomorrow which is gunna be sooo much fun!! Weather here in England at the moment is on and off but it’s not really cold at all recently which is a nice change! Anyways guys I will probably be writing a post of my hair colour and the review of the Peach hair dye after it’s done so look out for that.

*Have a wonderful day*

Until next time lovelies, Sophie✨

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books & bubble baths. πŸ’œ

will grayson will graysonhow nice is it just to lay in a nice hot bath full of bubbles and relax on your day off work, well i can tell you, it is fabulous! I always love having a bit of me time. I am a huge fan of Lush products! That shop is just simply amazing! There bubble bars and bath bombs are probably high up there in my fave things to buy in Lush. As i love to have baths as often as i can, it just makes bath time more exciting and the smell is just so unbelievably.. well i don’t want to state the obvious but so unbelievably lush! I’ve been loving the comforter bubble bar atm! it’s one of there largest bubble bars so you can re-use it quite a few times before it runs out and your getting more for your money that way too! It’s also pink and makes the colour of the water pink too, and what’s not awesome about having a pink bath right?! I always do the whole having candles around the bath kinda thing, i don’t know why but it makes it more relaxing, plus in my bedroom i always have at least 2 or 3 candles burning when im home anyway. Most of the time i like to read a book in the bath, sounds abit risky as the book could get wet but Im always extra careful don’t you worry! πŸ˜› At the moment my current read is Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Leuithan. I am just loving this book! the story is different to ones i have read as each chapter is speaking from one person called Will Grayson and the next chapter will be from the other Will Grayson. At first i didn’t know if i would enjoy it and keep up, but i am over half way through this book and I am gripped! I cannot wait to finish it and see what happens in the ending. i do recommend this book highly.

Keep Smiling!

until next time my lovelies, sophie β™₯