Five guys, burger & fries! Bristol


Recently I took a trip to Five Guys in my town centre of Bristol. If you haven’t heard of Five Guys before it’s basically a burger restaurant which serve fast food at an affordable price for all its freshness, which you can tell by the taste of the food, it’s really really tasty.

This isn’t the first visit I’ve had, I have been there many times with Adam as we always enjoy it and we always walk away really full up and happy! πŸ˜€ Continue reading “Five guys, burger & fries! Bristol”

Bag Of Nails Cat Pub | Bristol

Yesterday I spent the whole day taking in the gorgeous weather, walking around Bristol town with my family as it was the annual Harbour festival which they have every year, and I just loved it. I have wanted to visit this cat pub ever since hearing about it well over a year ago on somebody’s vlog (can’t remember who tho?) I LOVE cats, which may be obvious to anyone who follows my instagram. We have 2 family cats called Nala and Tink (yes, disney themed) when I eventually move out I am going to get my very own kitten too.

Bag of Nails is situated down by the harbourside in Bristol and is very easy to find as it is just off of Brandon Hill. It is only a very small pub which serves lots of different alcoholics beverages and soft drinks, it doesn’t serve food tho apart from snacks like pork pies and crisps.Β It was a nice atmosphere and the staff seemed friendly. We seen 4 cats and 1 kitten whilst we were there and most of them were sleeping across the bar, which is so bizarre and so cute at the same time. It was pretty busy so I’m thinking I would love to go back soon on a weekday afternoon as I would be able to have cat cuddles maybe?!

I was talking to the girl behind the bar and she said they have around 15 cats/kittens that live there but most of them are upstairs at the moment. All the people that were in the pub drinking seemed so happy to have cats roaming around and I was one of them! I noticed they had a few board games and things inside to play, along with a record player and a nice collection of vinyls.

I enjoyed my visit and can’t wait to visit the cat pub again sometime soon! meow =^.^=


All their info.
Bag of Nails,Β 141 St Georges Road, Hotwells, BS1 5UW.
Telephone 01179 292511.
Opening Hours are
Monday; 5pm – 11pm
Tuesday; 5pm – 11pm
Wednesday;Β 5pm – 11pm
Thursday; MiddayΒ – 11pm
Friday; Midday – 11pm
Saturday; Midday – 11pm
Sunday; Midday – 10:30pm
Facebook page – Bagofnails

Sunday Summary #2

1 / Sunset Β  Β 2 / Cuddles with our cat Tink Β  Β 3 / Choco banana PockyΒ 
4 / Yo sushi date with Adam Β  5 / Bristol harbour festival – Brother Β  6 / Bag of nails cat pub!


I finally visited the little cat pub we have here in Bristol today! After a lovely day walking around the harbour festival with my family, and I even caught the sun yay! I am super excited as myself and Adam have just booked a last minute holiday to Majorca which we leave for in 2 weeks, I really can’t wait to visit the beach and spend a week away with my favourite person. This week I was also super proud of myself for trying new foods, with a lot of help from my boyfriend haha. We went to Yo sushi on Wednesday and I managed to try some avocado rolls and crispy salmon sushi too. To be honest I was not keen, BUT i tried it none the less (big achievement for me) and I then got to order some chicken katsu curry which was delicious. πŸ™‚


Sunday funday. πŸ’œ

Hello world. πŸ™‚ 

Oooh two posts in one day, check me out πŸ˜‰ Today has been a really good day for me and I am feeling real happy πŸ˜€ Where I live, in Bristol, they have put 70 giant sculptures of Shaun the Sheep around for everyone to find and visit. You can pick up a map or download the app on your smartphone to keep track and mark them off when you find them one by one, my family did both. My sister has finally completed it and found all 70 which is pretty cool and got a photograph of every one of them along the way. The weather was okay today, and in the late afternoon the sun decided to show it’s face and it felt really warm to sit in the sun and enjoy a sub from Subway πŸ˜› Here are a just few snaps of some Shaun the Sheeps that I have seen so far. Continue reading “Sunday funday. πŸ’œ”

10 types of girls you meet in the toilets on a night out. πŸ’œ

Heyyyy, me again. Hope you’re all well πŸ˜€

Β Β 

You may see some pretty odd and interesting things on a night out especially if it is a big town. I am from Bristol so it’s a big city with lots of bars and clubs so on the weekend it gets super busy with lots of people partying and getting drunk. You know you will near enough always meet people in the toilets when the night is getting more steamy and here are some of them..

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