Feelin’ myself


If you know me or follow me on my blog or any social media then you’ll probably would of realised by now that I am constantly changing my hair colours to beautiful pastel colours such as pastel pink, blue and lilac or to blonde, white blonde, silver and grey! Whatever the colour I just love to spice my hair up abit, I have done for the last 5 or more years now and I still don’t know if I would go back and stay to my natural colour which is a medium brunette, who knows?! Continue reading “Feelin’ myself”

Blue January


So guess who has had a huge writers block recently… me. It may just be the January blues but I haven’t felt myself throughout christmas and January and I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to write or publish anything and I’ve hated myself for it. I have all these creative ideas for posts and I just never get round to getting round to doing any of it because I’m busy with work or just not been in the mood, sucks! But! I am back and I will be motivating myself to do all the things I want to do with my blog and I hope February will be a more productive month for myself.

So one thing that I have wanted to do for sooooo long is outfit posts, I finally bit the bullet and just did this quick little shoot outside with my sister the other day BUT omg it was freeezzzzinngggg. So we didn’t stay out for long, none the less I have had a little taster of it and I love it.

I have always loved expressing who I am through my personal style and fashion and also with my hair and I am the most indecisive person when it comes to hair colour, I am constantly changing it, it’s addicting and almost like a hobby of mine haha. I have dyed it blue again from having it silver/grey for quite a few months actually, it stayed for a while but I wanted a change again so this happened! πŸ˜› I love black, stripes and faux leather so I thought this was the perfect little outfit post to show you first. BTW recently got this top from the new look sale for Β£3 bargain! πŸ˜‰


Top – New Look | Jacket, Skirt & Shoes – H&M | Hair dye – Colour Freedom Superdrug


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