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I’ve never been one to care about how popular I was or what people would think of me, or what I do but lately I have had a huge bloggers block which I never thought would come as I don’t have a schedule or anything so I’ve felt a little strange and I’d hope people are still going to read my blog and enjoy it. In the blogging world there are always going to be doubts in your mind, especially as a small blogger *they look better/ there photo skills are better/ my blog isn’t as good as theirs*Β and so on, it gets hard sometimes. Continue reading “FEELING REFRESHED”



The thing I love about black and white photos are how you can simply just take everything in, you can focus more on the details as there is no colour to pop out at you, it’s just raw and honest and it lets you focus on the different tones of the photograph. I mean my hair is now pink but in these photos you won’t be able to notice that. πŸ˜‰ Continue reading “MONOCHROME LOVE”