I love my blog, I really do and I enjoy creating content and making it my own but something I still haven’t done is fully share it with the world. So I do have a link on my Twitter and Instagram pages but I don’t talk about it or let people know about it as I’m just nervous to what they may think, it sounds silly and yes, I just need to get out there and share my passion with everyone but I just can’t push the bullet.

My best friend reads my blog and her support is so uplifting and my boyfriend sees the content that I post and my family know about it but haven’t read it, but that’s about it! I would really love to share links through social media and maybe even put it on my Facebook one day, the day I get the courage to, will be a scary but good feeling. I see small bloggers post links all the time on their Twitter or Instagram pages and I wish I just had the guts to go do it and engage more to grow my audience but a part of me is too scared and nervous to… 😦

I currently have 348 wordpress followers and just 110 on Bloglovin’ and I know it’s not a huge amount but to me I am grateful if just 1 or 2 people read my blog! I blog for myself, and I enjoy it and if others enjoy it too then thats amazing. When I get to 400 or 500 followers on my blog, that will be when I will push myself to start posting links to my blog posts and maybe even share it on Facebook. Wow, it’s scary just talking about it haha!

Does anyone else keep their blog quite private from the people they know in real life? Or am I the only one?

Until next time gals & ghouls


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Gingham print, oh what a beautiful thing it is. This pattern is everywhere at the moment and I’m not gunna lie, I have tried a few different things on in shops and they just looked ridiculous on me *I REALLY WANTED THAT DRESS FROM PRIMARK* ah well. But fear not, something I did find and just fell in love with as soon as I laid eyes on it, was this gorgeous skirt from Continue reading “GINGHAM IN THE FOREST”



I still feel like it’s the beginning of March? How time flies ay! April is here and the sun is shining!

So i’m back again with my monthly favourites post which I just love to do on my blog and I also love to read everyones elses too. This month I was trying to save myself some money but as usual shopaholic soph has bought lots of things haha oops! Most of my favourites this month are beauty related, I have been loving experimenting with different makeup.  Continue reading “MY CURRENT FAVOURITES OF MARCH!”


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So all I am seeing in the shops lately is embroidery floral, it’s on skirts, jeans, jackets and it’s just everywhere! I am not the type of girl to wear flowers so first of all i was like nahhh.. but then I spotted this skirt a few weeks ago whilst shopping in Primark! Yes, Primark! It was around £7 so it was a total bargain and as it was a black skirt (something that I love to wear!) and I really liked the colours of the flowers that were embroided onto it and thought why not, and I instantly fell in love with it! I’m forever living in just black, black and white stripes, or mesh clothes so it was nice to pick something a bit different for my wardrobe. Continue reading “STYLING FLORAL”



Being an obsessive hair colour changer that I am, I was getting that feeling again where I wanted a different colour in my life, my hair literally changes with my mood!

When I seen the range of Colorista coloured hair dyes by L’oreal I instantly fell in love, they are the most gorgeous shades and it was a toss up between the dirty pink or the lilac, this time I went for the lilac. I thought I’d show you what this product made my hair turn out like as I have never used this dye before as I am a lover of Directions hair dyes!, but it’s nice to try other brands from time to time. Continue reading “LILAC HAIR WITH COLORISTA”