Today was Friday the 13th..

Today was Friday the 13th, it’s only April so it didn’t feel as spooky as it did back last October but hey i like to feel spooky everyday anyway. As tradition I went and got myself a little tattoo, and this time i opted for 3 little black bats and i got them placed just above my pumpkin on my ankle. The more tattoos I get on my leg the more I want to get more on my leg argh! Even tho for the last couple of years I keep meaning to finish one of my sleeves on my arms, I am getting there tho and I also have one booked in for 2 weeks time with another little bat filler to go in a gap, so I’m really looking forward to that.

I’ve had such a chill day, looked around the charity shops and got myself a couple of bargains, I then spent the evening with Adam scoffing our faces with pizza and we watched ‘Would you rather’ on Netflix and it was pretty good actually, I didn’t fancy watching anything a bit too gory this evening. I love charity shops and the awesome things you find and that a lot of the time they are unique too and I love to have unique things so charity shopping is becoming my new fave thing. Also it helps out charities and is better for the world, reusing clothing is so much better than buying fast fashion pieces, although damn you Killstar for always releasing amazing killer clothes and accessories I want! MUST CONTAIN MYSELF.

So here I am 11pm on a Friday night sat in bed on my laptop with my cat sleeping next to me and whilst my boyfriend Adam has a bubble bath, how things change ay! How did I go out every weekend at least once or twice and survive?! But I did and god those times were great, but it does get boring as you get older and I enjoy doing different things. Life is always changing and I have come to realise that life is what you make it, I have started to look more on the bright side of life and enjoy whats around me, the people, the nature, the animals. We only get one life and you choose how you want it to be, anything is possible! I feel motivated to go out there and live my best life, yeah sometimes life and things do get in the way but we can all make a difference and we can all be strong for ourselves and for others. Life never goes exactly to plan, but I am trying to be happy and have as much fun a long the way.Β It’s important to have friends, but family is everything they will always be there no ifs or buts, and I love sharing my life with them (this included Adam and my soul sister Kristie) I feel so happy with the amount of friends i have now, not best friends but friends who are there if i need them, there to hang out, rant to, cry to or go partying all night long with, I’ve missed it.

I don’t know what this post is, it was more like a ‘i haven’t written in a while and just started writing’ kind of diary post. But hey, here it is, just me and my fingers doing some typing on this space that I control on the internet. If anyone is reading this, I hope your well and thanks for getting this far of this random rambling.

Lots of love, Sophie xox



  1. April 24, 2018 / 9:24 pm

    So jealous. I really wanted to get a Friday 13th tattoo but any shops near me didn’t have anything going on and everyone was working so I couldn’t travel. I’ll do it one day though for sure.
    Yours is super cute and I know what you mean about getting your ankle tattooed. As soon as I had mine done in gave me the urge to cover my leg haha.

    Avril Marie | Lifestyle Blogger

    • sophiesophs92
      May 2, 2018 / 5:44 pm

      Aw thanks! ah no thats a shame, the next one is in July πŸ˜› so maybe get one then! I’m hopefully getting one then too. thanks, yeah same! haha i’m like hmm i want moreeee on my leg haha xxx

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