Killstar has been my ultimate favourite clothing website for a few years now and if I have the money to spare I will always go on and have a little splurge on myself because you know a girl always needs new clothes and stuff right? They stock the best gothic and witchy style clothes and shoes to accessories and homeware items, there is always lots of thing I am lusting after so I thought I’d put together a little witch list (get it?) of stuff that is on the top of my list to treat myself to when I got that spare dollaaaa.


          casket cutie web dress                                 black magic corset dress                  never after nytes skater dress

Killstar dresses are the only dresses that I really buy now because 1) They look frickin bad ass as hell!!! 2) They are the perfect witchy dress that I love to wear and 3) The quality is amazing. Being a witch is something I love to share with people and if you have been following me for a while you may have noticed that my complete style is black, witchy and I usually live in a dress or skirts. Killstar have recently released some new items and these 3 dress are to die for! I am still waiting for the Neverafter nyts dress to arrive as I ordered it on black friday but there was a mix up and i had to wait fr my size to be in stock again UGH but none the less, it will be here soon! 😀 The Casket cutie web dress is literally a dress that somes me up, webs, black, lace and those sleeves OHMYGOD I love long floaty sleeves, it adds a more witchy vibe to the outfit and that’s what I live for. I can’t wait to own all 3 of these amazing dresses.

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 eternal eclipse fedora hat                                                                    blaire bitch mini skirt

I have a few black hats already so thats literally the only reason I have been putting off purchasing this gorgeous beauty but it’s still on my witch list and when I have spare money I will be sure to be buying it asap, it’s so nice and I love the moon design that goes all around the hat.

This skirt was new about a month or so ago on the website and I died and fell in love with it straight away! I honestly DO NOT need any more skirts, no exaggeration I own around 40 skirts already.. oops. This skirt is beautiful, i love the whole design and especially the little pentagram on the zip pull! I’m a suck for black witchy skirts. 😛

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astrology journal                                                                       spirit board pillow cases


I have been learning a lot about astrology recently and it would be nice to have this stunning journal to write all my thoughts and notes in 🙂 It will sit beautifully on my desk, i love it! Also I seen this pillow cases ages ago on an Instagram account i follow and i thought they were so cool they have been on my mind for a while. When I have some spare money I want to redecorate our bedroom and out some shelves up and get new bedding so I will be definitely be getting these to go on the bed. 🙂 I’m sure Adam won’t mind 😛


Thanks for reading! Do you have anything on your wishlist from Killstar?

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