So it’s here, November is here which means one thing.. Christmas is officially on it’s way! I’m super sad that October is over tho, but I like to keep the halloween spooky spirit all year round so I’m already looking forward to next October! 😛 Christmas is less than 2 months to go so this is the time where I start hinting what goodies I’d love to wake up to on Christmas morning but also I got to start thinking about others, and what gifts I’m going to buy for all my loved ones.

I like to buy things that are a bit different and unique to the person, to make sure it’s going to be special to them and one place I love to look is EMP. So when EMP recently got in touch to ask if i’d do a post with them I was like hell yeah! Emp are an online alternative and merchandise store and they have a huge range of great stuff if you are into music to tv to colourful unicorns to lots of other cool and nerdy stuff! It’s perfect especially when I’m shopping for my boyfriend Adam, it makes life easier being able to browse all the things he is interested in. 😀

Stranger things Eleven Pop vinyl – £9.99

Adam and myself both collect pop vinyls and I already have Mike and now I want the whole gang! Next on my wishlist is Eleven! She’s so cool! She is such a wonderful, interesting little character and very smart. I especially love the detail of her bleeding nose, it complete the whole look of her, it’s brilliant. Emp have such a huge collection of pops, so I have my eye on many, many more!

Jack skellington christmas sweater – £41.99

I’m usually not one for christmas jumpers, I think they can be a bit too cheesy and usually quite colourful, which is no go for me and my monochrome style haha! So when I seen this Jack skellington one I was like yasss, one that I would actually wear and enjoy it. It’s gorgeous and looks super cosy too.

Pentagram backpack – £37.99

I have so many bags but I see another one I like then I fall head over hills and totally in love with it and I’m not happy until I own it. I already have 2 coffin ones already but this one is so so pretty and it also doubles up as a handbag and a backpack?! So it’s super handy.

Daryl dixon pillow – £9.99

Self explanatory really? Well who wouldn’t want a pillow with the gorgeous Daryl Dixon staring back at you? Ooooh what a babe. TWD is one of my favourite tv series ever! EMP have so much mercy I want to add to my collection!

Witches cauldron mug – £17.99

Last thing on my wishlist is this awesome witchy mug that I will probably not use for drinks as it looks too good! But it would be amazing to use for makeup brushes or some flowers. It’s perfect for my witchy home decor I love to have.


Do you have your eye on anything from EMP? Thanks for reading!

Also check out EMPs new ad! It makes me want more! haha.

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