So this week marked the 1 year anniversary of the day that I moved out of my parents and started renting my own flat! How crazy that a whole year has gone by?! Like what the hell.. it has gone so fast. Technically Adam did not move in straight away but he spent most nights here with me and then eventually he moved his pc in which if your boyfriend is a gamer then you know thats a big deal! So basically we have shared this little flat of ours for a year and it’s not been the easiest but it has been by far the happiest I have ever felt.

So one of the most exciting things I was looking forward to is having my own space to decorate and organise how I want and even tho I still haven’t painted which I have been meaning to do for ages! Haha oops lazy me.. also I have a growing collection of arty prints that I cannot wait to display but I have put up mirrors on the wall and my gorgeous sun moon and stars tapestry to make the bedroom look more me. 😛

I have made sure I have made my spooky and cute mark on the flat tho by showing all my gorgeous ornaments and halloween decor that I have collected over the last few years (thank you halloween!) I’ve also started collecting plants as I love having some greenery with all my monochrome style I have going on but it seems I am not very good at keeping them alive, I know I am useless! So in the new year I may look into getting some fake plants as that will be much easier.

The thing I never thought would be so hard is the upkeep like omg! We live in a 1 bedroom flat and there is just the 2 of us plus the rats and I just think omg I feel like I do the washing and cleaning constantly, how do we make so much mess?! It’s crazy, and because we both have full time schedules with work and study etc. it’s hard finding the time to get motivated to do it, saying that when I do have a huge cleaning frenzy I am so much happier after and I always feel more relieved! So any tips would be great guys??! 😀

I love our home and eventually I want a house with a garden and then we can get cats and dogs yay! But, for now I am enjoying having this cute little space of ours, it’s spacious and we even have double doors leading out to a balcony so all is good and I wouldn’t change it for the world. HAPPY HOME ANNIVERSARY TO US♥

So here is to another happy year living in out cute little flat! YAY! 😀

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  1. November 27, 2017 / 4:47 am

    Your home is super cute! I love the black and white colour scheme and all your cute ‘Sophie’ touches 🙂 Happy anniversary! My boyfriend’s a gamer too 😛

    • sophiesophs92
      November 29, 2017 / 9:15 pm

      Aww thank you hun! 😀 haha yay for gamer bfs! when he brought his pc round i was like yep you are never going home now haha. thank you! 😀 xx

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