For a long time I wouldn’t of even thought about how ethical I’m being, I’d shop until I drop and never give a second thought, as I’m getting older and more wiser of the world I am making simple and small changes to try live the best ethical life i can! Here is just some of my personal tips that can help make you be more ethical and every little helps so even if you just change one things, it’s better than nothing at all.

Shop second hand!

There is plenty of charity shops and vintage shops around nowadays and it’s fun to try and search for unique bargains too! I also love to shop on eBay and Depop too, i’ve found some amazing finds on there recently! 😀 I like to have a sort out of my clothing every couple a months and I either donate my stuff to charity or i take it to H&M as they have a awesome recycling scheme which also treats you to a £5 off voucher on your next shop *YAY* If you’re a super creative person you can even upcycle your homeware items or redesign new clothes from old ones!

Support cruelty free companies!

This is a must for everyone, I do not see any reason why you need to buy from brand that test their products on animals, just thinking of it makes me super sad. We have so many companies nowadays that don’t any their products and makeup are amazing! Superdrug is fabulous as all their own branded items are cruelty free and some high street makeup brands I love are Barry M, Collection, Soap and glory to name a few and also amazing more high end ones like Kat Von D and Lime crime! Even supermarkets have a range of cruelty free products now, I love to go to Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Reduce plastic!

So now here in most places in the UK you now have to pay at least 5p for a plastic bag it has made people recycle their bags and reuse them every time they go shopping or buying bags for life and tote bags to keep your food and clothes in whilst out shopping. I think it was a great thing to of happened and I try to never purchase a plastic bag if I don’t need one. Plastic is slowly killing the world and if you can reuse your plastic bottles or use glass instead this is helping a hell of a lot! Always remember to recycle, at home, at work, even out and about there is usually recycle bins on the streets so there is no excuse not to.

Another way of reducing plastic and any other packaging is shopping naked! Such as reusing jars for buying nuts and things from local shops or at Lush you can buy bath bombs, soap, shampoo and many more cosmetics completely no packaging! Which is just fabulous.

Shop more local.

Even just having a bite to eat or a coffee, it’s much better to buy from an independent shop than from Starbucks etc. it’s a great way to invest in your local economy! If you can and have the chance to buy local fruit and vegetables from a market or local shops, admittidely this is something I could do more and I’m working towards it!

Also support small businesses, you can find so many on Etsy and just by looking on instagram, it’s super easy and you find some gorgeous items from home items to lovely pieces of jewellery. Hey you can even start your own business?!

Animals are friends!

Ok, so I’m not saying everyone needs to turn veggie/vegan, but if you can try to eat less meat this contributes a lot compared to not trying at all. Also shop fair trade and organic! Just these little things that you can change on a daily basis will help the world. 😀


Does anyone have any more tips to give to live a more ethical life? Thanks for reading!



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  1. October 9, 2017 / 8:16 am

    Great list!

    I put a lot of effort into what’s in my grocery bag. It’s what we spend a lot of our money on on a daily basis and it’s easy to do since (at least here in Sweden) it’s available in every super market. I choose as much fair trade and organic products as possible and local grown produce.

    As to online shopping from eBay, Etsy and online stores, you have to remember that that there are a lot of extra shipping via airplanes and trucks which isn’t good for the environment. I’m absolutely not judging for shopping online but I think it’s important to be aware of that it’s not an environmental-friendly decision. The items you pick up in a regular store are more often shipped by boat since it’s cheaper and better for the environment. I live far away from most lifestyle/clothing shops (even the regular ones) and shop online too but wish I didn’t need to in order to get what I’m interested in.

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