Ahh Autumn, you are finally here.

After the not so sunny summers that the British weather like to give us, it’s always exciting to transition into Autumn as you know it’s going to get chilly and we’ll have those cooler mornings, that cold chill in the air at night and those crispy leaves that start to fall on the ground. Halloween is also approaching and I am a halloween lover so this is another reason why I love Autumn so much. It’s the lead up to those jolly Christmas months too and I can’t believe the end of 2017 is upon us! I love to get into the spirit of Autumn so I have made a little list of things that I enjoy doing at this great time of year.

Going on walks.

The scenery in Autumn is my favourite from the whole year. All the beautiful crispy trees and leaves on the floor, I am looking forward to going on walks and enjoying nature whilst also creating lots of fashion looks to shoot too. Also this week I am going to a pumpkin patch and I am beyond excited as I never get round to doing it usually, and every year I get sad that I didn’t go! So this year I am making sure that I visit one and I can’t wait to take lot of photos on the fields on pumpkins YAY. I’m obsessed.

Lighting candles.

Pumpkin candles are life! I already own a couple including toffee pumpkin and caramel pumpkin and they smell delicious! Yankee candle also do a big range of amazing scented candles for Autumn which I usually buy lots for around the house.

Taking photographs.

I love to take photographs and I enjoy doing film photography so I am looking forward to shooting some gorgeous scenery and family photos out and about and being able to have them printed for albums to keep forever.

Hot drinks.

I drink tea on a daily basis and now and again i’ll have a coffee but when the Autumn comes I like to drink more hot drinks, especially different flavoured lattes and hot chocolates! *yum* Don’t forget those Pumpkin spiced lattes 😉

Wearing comfy clothes.

Time to whack out the knitwear, over the knee socks, hats and scarves! Ahh I’m so excited for the change in fashion and to see all the cosy clothes to be sold in the shops! Feeling warm and snug but fashionable at the same time is something I am all about! 😛 Lately I keep buying cute halloween socks because they are just everywhere, look at these little ghost ones I purchased from New Look a few weeks back CUTE!


Cosy TV nights.

We all love a cosy movie night in and when it’s chilly out and you really don’t fancy venturing outside the best thing to do is get some snacks, get some blankets on the sofa and snuggle up watching movies until you fall asleep. Bliss. There is also so many amazing tv shows to watch and I love binge watching a good box set in my night gown with my rat babies.

Buying halloween/autumn home decor.

Autumn is the best time of the year to buy halloween related home decor, so if you’re anything like me and love halloween all year around the get out to the shops and get spending! I also love all the cute Autumn pieces you can pick up to make your home feel all cute and cosy for this time of year.


Bubble baths.

I love having baths anytime of the year but in autumn/winter is the best especially when you have been out in the chilly weather and you get to come home, have a bath full of bubbles and put on cosy pyjamas! Also I am a huge Lushie and I also work at Lush now, they have finally released all their awesome Halloween and Christmas products too, and omg you need to check it out! The range is so big this year and I am always spending my money even tho I really don’t need more, like seriously my bathroom is a mini Lush shop! haha oops.

Autumn colours.

I like to experiment with my hair colour and different makeup looks so I’m looking forward to the autumnal and halloween colours – green, orange, red and purple are my faves. I’ve also got a range of wigs so I can have different looks day to day which will be a lot of fun, exciting!

What are you most looking forward to in the Autumn months? Thank you for reading! 



  1. October 12, 2017 / 3:10 pm

    Great post, I love your blog! I recently just posted a halloween bucket list as I’m really feeling in the autumnal spirit this year. I love doing everything you’ve included in your list too, it makes me feel so cosy and ready for winter.

    April x
    Avril Marie | Lifestyle Blogger

    • sophiesophs92
      October 14, 2017 / 9:37 pm

      Aw thank you so much 😀 oooh I’ll have to have a read! yes i totally agree, i just love this time of year, yay! xx

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