Autumn is finally upon us

the brown crisp leaves are on the ground and the chilly weather is here! YAY. September is one of my favourite months, one because it’s my birthday month and two because it’s the time that we transition over to a new season and everything starts to change. So throughout September I spent ALOT of money, mainly because of all the amazing Autum/halloween items in shops and online, lots of sales so all the black witchy clothes have been calling me and I’m the type of person with the devil on my shoulder saying treat yourself girl! Oops. 😛

Halloween decor is life!

Honestly, my bank balance has not been loving me lately but HELL YAS to all the shops blessing us with home decor that us halloween lovers can buy for all year round, it makes me soooo happy! I have bought so much already and I’m sure I’ll probably be buying more until the lead up to halloween. I have bought things such as candles, skull ornaments, water globes and pumpkins! I am pumpkin obsessed guys, it’s getting out of hand but I love it haha!

American Horror Story!

I am so glad that AHS is back on our tv’s, after Roanoke wasn’t that amazing, I had high hopes that Cult would be better and it hasn’t disappointed! It’s freaky and jumpy and I am loving the characters! It’s all about phobias and the main being based around clowns, so for me it’s terrifying! I look forward to sitting down and watching it every week! Ooh Evan Peters with that blue hair and a man bun OH MY, such a babe.

Lush Halloween & Twilight body spray!

Last month I treated myself to the gorgeous new Twilight body spray from Lush which I use every night all over myself and my bed linen, it works a treat for a good nights sleep! As I work for Lush I was also lucky enough to get hold of all the Halloween exclusive goodies way before they were released in stores and I am loving the range this year, yes i still think the range should get bigger *PLZ LUSH* but hey ho, I am loving it all anyway! Lord of misrule is my fave, along with the pumpkin bath bomb, oh gosh he smells gorgeous!! This year I’ll be buying so much of it to hopefully keep me going for months after ‘halloween’ has gone.

Blue lips!

I recently purchased a new lipstick from Urban Decay as I have never tried anything from them before and heard such good things. I went for this incredible blue matte colour lipstick, I am living for it! Honestly, I have bought many blue lipsticks in the past and can never find the perfect one but this was is great. It’s super soft and last ages, goes on so easily and feels lovely on my lips. Blue lips are life, I love the way it looks on me, it’s my favourite shade of lip to wear.



Lastly I wanted to talk about my new obsession with buying wigs! I keep ordering them as I just love to play around with them and as a lover of hair and changing it up, I enjoy having a different look without the fuss and time of dyeing it! Yay for wigs! Here is my black one and my ginger one that I love to have fun with. I can’t wait to start doing different make up looks with them too! Keep your eyes peeled. 😀

What have been your favourite things in September?

Thanks for reading!


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