I am living for this look! I have been buying a lot of wigs to play around with recently and I didn’t realise how long this orange one was but actually it looks amazing, I am feeling super autumn witch vibes in this outfit with the gorgeous orange hair. My Mum always says I suit any colour hair, and I kind of agree without being to bigheaded but hey if you don’t love yourself, who’s gunna? I have had orange hair before along with every other colour apart from yellow and green! Maybe one day I will experiment with them, who knows!

As you may be able to tell I am fully embracing floaty sleeves right now, there is something about big sleeves on a black top or dress that just makes me feel extra witchy and bad ass and it really does make the outfit stand out and I’m all about that life. Total witchy vibes! Along with the black hat too, you can’t leave that out if you want to feel like a total witch even tho sometimes the way I dress I get a lot of heads turning but I don’t mind it that anymore, I guess I kind of got used to it.

Let me talk about this outfit, it’s so adorable from the top to toe. I found this top in the sale and I wasn’t even shopping I was just out with a friend but as soon as I seen it, you know, I just knew I was going to buy it. I’m bad at controlling temptation. I got this gorgeous checkered skirt for my birthday and it gives me all those school girl vibes but I totally love it as it’s nice grey shades. Have you seen these tights?! OMG I spotted them on killstar and I was like oooooh girl, they would look awesome, they are super thick as well so I think they will last a while, the pentagram pattern is super cool and I paired them with my trusty black boots which are kind of getting old so I may have to just re-purchase them soon because they are the most comfiest boots I’ve ever worn.

Top – River Island / Skirt – H&M / Tights – Killstar / Boots – H&M

Are you enjoying the autumn leaves everywhere, because i know i am. Every time I go outside I feel the urge to take photos of them all, I’ve even brought some into my home to make it more Autumn theme along with all my halloween decor I have.

Thanks for reading! Until next time


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