Everyone hail to the pumpkin king! 🎃

So let’s introduce my first funko pop friday! Collectively me and my boyfriend Adam have collected A LOT of funko pop vinyls over the past 4 years of being together and it’s quite a great collection to be honest, I think we now have around 40 now! It’s an ongoing collection as there is so many that I still wish to have but they also constantly bring out even more awesome ones so you are forever wanting more and more! Adam mainly collects anime and gaming ones and then I usually have a range of characters from films or tv shows.

I thought I’d start of with my little bat, Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas as it is one of my favourite animated films and I love anything to do with skeletons or skulls and anything cute but creepy so obviously I had to get him, so here he is my cute little Jack pop! Adam got this for me last Christmas and he sits perfectly next to my bed. This is one of a few of Jack they they sell, they do a few different versions of him, on my Christmas list this year is him in his Santa outfit!

One of the things I love most about the funko pop figures is that they have put so much effort and detail into creating every single one, the detail is always fantastic and they literally make so many figures from tv programmes, films to music and games! These are essential sold as toy figurines but most people like myself, collect them up to show on display and to just love and treasure. He is super cute and I need to add more of TNBC crew eventually, especially Sally so she can stand with Jack to keep him from being lonely.

Do you have a funko pop collection?! I’d love to know which ones you have. Thanks for reading!


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