I am a big fan of Tim Burton’s work and all of his films are so creative and amazing in there own way and each story is different, I have so many favourites but I’ll be here forever if I sat and talked about all of them!

Edward Scissorhands!

The story of Edward and how he got to the way he is now is fantastic, Johnny Depp is a complete babe and when he and Winona Ryder fall for each other it’s just wonderful. This film has me feeling all the emotions and I just love how Edwards character is so cute and quirky, it’s a dark fantasy film and it truly is a wonderful story. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Obviously my babe Jack Skellington, I love TNBC it is such a wonderful film for halloween or christmas! Or to be honest, any time of the year! It’s a very interesting film, it’s magical but slightly creepy and all the songs are just great. The characters are all so brilliant and you get some good laughs too! Love!


Beetlejuice is brilliantly bizzarre and I absoulutely love it! It’s full of creepy, dark fun and again Winona Ryder plays a fantastic role of Lydia Deetz, she is amazing! I myself am strange and unusual.

Corpse Bride!

I feel that this feel is underated for how good it is, I really enjoy it more and more everytime I watch it. The odd lovestory fairytale of Victor and his corpse bride Emily. I love animated films and this is high up there in my favourites.

What’s your favourite Tim Burton movie? Thanks for reading!


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