If you read my blog of follow my social medias you will probably have realised by now that I live for the witchy look when it comes to my style and fashion! I love all things witchy and spooky and I have been really getting into learning about Wicca recently too. I love to be inspired by spooky, witchy, goth bad ass babes from tv or films! So I thought I’d name a few of my favourite witchy or spooky women.

• Wednesday Addams •

The Addams family is one of the best films there is, I did really enjoy the original tv series too but I especially like Wednesday in the 1991 classic film. Wednesday is such an iconic figure and she owns who she is and takes no shit, she’s a cute spooky little babe and I love her look – pale, black dress, white collar! Love that look a hell of a lot.


• Jennifer – Jennifer’s body •

When this film first come out I was OBSESSED! I haven’t watched it for ages so I need to very, very soon! It’s such a great film, kind of comedy horror and Megan Fox plays the part of Jennifer so good, she is possessed by a demon and I love her as she has such a stern creepy look in her eye, if you haven’t seen it go see it now. Also the goth boy Kyle is so underrated, what a babe.


• Lydia Deetz •

Another fantastic icon to us alternative babes, it’s Lydia Deets from Beetlejuice. She is different from the rest of high school girls and her fashion sense is unique and dark and she has such a way with words. She’s unperfectly perfect and I relate to her so much.

I myself am strange and unusual


• Nancy Downs – The Craft •

And finally I wanted to mention Nancy Downs. The Craft is the best hands down witchy film there is, it makes you so envious on wanting your own group of witches to hang out with and practice magic! I love Nancys look, her fashion and her makeup is really dark and witchy and she always looks bad ass. I take a lot of my inspiration from her, from chokers to dark makeup and clothes. I’ll be forever wanting to be part of the craft girls. What babes.


Who’s your favourite spooky babes? Thanks for reading!


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