On October 3rd he asked me what day it was… It’s October 3rd.

I am a huge fan of the famous series American Horror Story! When I first started watching it I initially thought to myself wtf.. this is some weird ass scary shit. Oh boy, i was right but I got obsessed! It is literally one of the most fantastic shows I have ever seen and I never want it to end! There are so many great characters that I love, and I love how so many actors/actresses pay different types of characters, I think it’s a brilliant concept. As the newest season, Cult, is on our tv screens at the moment I thought what a better time to talk about one of my favourite shows and one of the most talked about show in the world! So I’m just going to mention a few of my ultimate faves, here goes.

Tate langdon

Tate is from the first season Murder House, he is one of the most loved characters from the whole AHS series. He is clearly not ok mentally and he is a very twisted character but he cares so deeply about Violet and falls so in love with her and thats what we all loved, their relationship and just the way he was with her.

Kit Walker

Ok so i’m a little obsessed with Evan Peters, he is just so yummy! My most favourite character that he has been so far is Kit Walker from Asylum, this being my most favourite season out of them all, the whole concept of it was brilliant and so weird and creepy and I loved it all! Kit is a lovely kind young man and a very handsome happy young chap and this is why I fell in love with him so much. He didn’t deserve anything that was happening to him and he had such a big heart too!

Madison Montgomery

What a diva! She is like the covens version of Regina George from Mean girls. She’s a classic witch bitch, she isn’t afraid of dark magic and she loves taking risks, she’s a wild child and I absolutely loved her character, she made coven for me! Yaaaas witches*!*!

Elsa mars

Elsa was a fantastic character to watch, she’s a fabulous lady with amazing classy sassy style and attitude. She’s a powerful force of nature and whilst running a dying freak show circus she looks at the all like family and actually cares for the freaks too. She really intrigued me and she played the part perfectly!

Allyson “Ally” Mayfair-Richards

Last but not least it’s Ally from the current season Cult. I love Sarah Paulson, she is a phenomenal actress and I am really enjoying her character in this season. She suffers from a number of phobias including coulrophobia (clowns) and to see her so frightened of everything is so enticing to watch, she really does like keeping you on the edge of your seat. And she can’t decide whether she is a little crazy or if there are people actually out there to frighten her. I am loving Cult and I can’t wait to see more from Ally.

Who are your favourite characters from Amercan Horror Story?! Thanks for reading!


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