IN MY ELEMENT! So last Saturday I finally got to live my dream of visiting a pumpkin patch, every year I always mean to find one close to where I live but as the nearest one is about an hour drive I always end up not going. Not this year guys! I kept mentioning it to my family and they were all up for going too so my niece and nephew could experience it for the first time too, they absolutley loved it too! 

I love Autumn so much, just the change of the feel in the air does it for me, crispy leaves on the floor and nature just gets super pretty. I’ve been so busy at the moment with so much going on, sometimes I forget to take it all in and to just enjoy life, one of my favourite ways to spend a day is to spend it with my family and I love to get outdoors with them, even just taking the kids out to the park or for Autumn walks, it’s comforting.

I’ve got my trusty long black cardigan out and also a few other cardys and jumpers from last year as it it starting to get more chilly and it’s been very windy the last few days too! I’m looking forward to getting coats and jackets out and I already have my eye on lots of scarves that I can’t wait to get, they just feel so cosy and warm. I always wear my fishnet tights but I think it may be time to start wearing more thicker tights and also start wearing my over the knee socks a bit more as I don’t wear trousers often, even tho I do have some really nice ones that I need to start getting into the habit of wearing.

My outfit choice for this day was comfort but cute, I wore a black cardigan over my gorgeous new skirt which I adore! With my stars and moons top with the gorgeous collar, I love the witchy celestial look a big white collar gives to clothes, it finishes off the completed look which I totally dig. I then wore my fishnets with my new Sinclair Doc marten boots, I love chunky boots especially this time of year.

So this was actually my new babies (my Docs) first day out YAY! Look how beautiful they are?! I wanted them for so long but with not having the money and then when I did, they were sold out in my size for weeks! I finally got my hands on them, and I am totally in love! I love how they have a nice thick sole on them which gives me a little height as I’m 5″4 so I’m not short or tall but I like feeling slightly taller to make me feel kinda more powerful when I strut in my outfits HAHA. I’m strange I know. I am also so in love with the design of the shoe, it has laces and a thick zip at the front, it looks very unique and I can’t get over how happy I am that I actually own a pair!

Top – Killstar • Skirt – H&M • Cardigan – H&M(old) • Boots – Docs

All in all my day with my family at the pumpkin patch was so much fun and I enjoyed it again, I think it’s now going to be a tradition and I’m going to definitely visit every October!

Have you been to visit a pumpkin patch this year? Thanks for reading!


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