I love reading different tag posts and especially Autumn/Halloween themed ones so I thought I’d do one myself! 😀 

1. Favourite Thing About Autumn?
– Halloween is my most favourite thing! Also how beautiful it looks outside with all the autumnal colours.

2. Favourite Halloween Movies?
– I love so many, but as few faves are Hocus Pocus, Casper, The Addams family and Halloween town!

3. Fashion Trend You’re Loving For Autumn?
– My fashion doesn’t really follow a certain trend, it doesn’t change much either, I usually only wear black but I do love green or grey tartan at this time of year!

4. Favourite Autumn Drink?
– Ok, I do like pumpkin spiced lattes but I usually enjoy a mocha or a hot chocolate instead!

5. What is Autumn weather like where you live?
– I live in England, it gets pretty chilly as soon as October rolls around, we have some rainy days and then some sunny days?! You can never call it but I love the feeling of a little chill on my face.

6. Most scary movie you have seen?
– Oooh that’s tough, lots of films scare me but of the top of my head, The nightmare on elm street and the Scream movies never fail to shit me up! Haha

7. Rain or fog?
– I love the rain! I also love the smell.. yes I’m strange.

8. Hocus pocus or Halloweentown?
– Oooh that is pretty tough but Hocus Locus is a must! I love every aspect of it, it’s set on Halloween, it has witches in, magic and a talking cat?! YASSS.

9. Halloween or Christmas?
– Halloween obvs 😉

10. Coats or Oversized jumpers?
– Oversized jumpers overtime, I actually hate wearing big jackets or coats they just annoy me haha.

11. Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?
– I’m not really a pie person and I have never tried pumpkin pie?! But I do love a warm apple crumble, yummy.

12. Cool Crisp Mornings or Cozy Evenings?
– Cosy evenings 100%! I love getting in from the cold and getting all warm and snug.

13. Favorite Autumn Candle?
– This year I am living for the different scented pumpkin candles I purchased from Homesense & Tk maxx. One of my favourites is the caramel pumpkin, mmm so good.

14. Favourite Thing To Do in Autumn?
– Getting into the Halloween spirit and embracing the gorgeous scenery.

15. Favorite Autumn scent?
– Oooh probably my pumpkin candles I constantly have burning in my flat.

16. Best way to spend a rainy day?
– Binge watching a tv series or films, have a nice bubble bath and order a takeaway!

17. Favorite Autumn food?
– Not really sure to be honest? I do tend to eat more chocolate and cakes as there are so many halloween themed treats on sale!

18. Football, yay or nay?
– Nahhhh

19. Favorite article of clothing this Autumn?
– Probably my new Doc marten boots! I am wearing them constantly.

20. Haunted house or haunted maze?
– I’ve always wanted to go to a haunted house and it’s definitely on my to do list for next year! But I love haunted mazes, I went to Thorpe Park fright nights before and it was so much fun! Proper spooky and jumpy too! 😀


Feel free to take this tag and do it too, I love reading them! Thanks for reading!


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