I love Instagram, I love fashion and makeup and I love how inspiring it can be. I love taking photographs too, so Instagram is my favourite social media platform to enjoy stunning photographs from all around the world from different types of people. I would probably say my fashion is alternative, so my favourite people to follow are the ones that are interested in the same things as me and have the same fashion sense. I’m going to go through a few of my favourite stunning alternative babes that I love to follow and keep up with on Instagram.

Jadethelibra!Ā Jade is such a stunning woman who also does YouTuber which I love to watch, her witchy fashion hauls are my favourite and I love all her makeup looks she does too. She is grunge witchy and with colourful hair, kind of reminds me of myself. šŸ™‚


Wioleth!Ā Viola again is a YouTuber and her instagram is gorgeous, very monochrome which I just adore, it’s neat and clean and super witch aesthetic! Love it. I love to watch her Killstar try on hauls as Killstar is one of my favourite online shops to buy from.



Hexgrl_! I stumbled across this gorgeous pumpkin queen last year and I love every single photo she posts, she always looks amazing with her hair and makeup and she is also a LUSH employee like myself! But she lives in America šŸ™‚ She loves Halloween everyday just like me and I am living for her instagram!



Amyvalentinex! Amy is a alternative Youtube and blogger I have followed for years now and I have always been so inspired by her girly grunge fashion she has going on. She’s into music bands that I like and I’m hoping to bump into her one day at Download fest as she usually goes every year! She does lots of fashion, make up and hair videos and also vlogs some times too which are always so fun and interesting to watch.



Spookyjaye! Last but not least it’s this beautiful lovely person called Jaye, I have only been following her on Twitter and Instagram for 6 months or so and she is such a wonderful person and her whole wiccan posts interest me so much and she always looks incredible with her hair and makeup, she also tries out different coloured wigs which is something i love to do. She also has 2 pet ferrets and they are so adorable!! If I didn’t have my rat babies I would definitely get ferrets as they are so cute!


These babes inspire me every day and I’m glad to have found them! Do you know any other alternative people on Insta I would like to follow?Ā 

Thank for reading!




  1. November 6, 2017 / 7:18 am

    Ooh Iā€™m loving all of these spooky babes! I love following alternative fashion on insta and in blogging, so will definitely check these ladies out! Thanks very much for the recommendations.

    • sophiesophs92
      November 6, 2017 / 8:26 am

      yay me too! they are all so awesome and inspiring. aw I’m glad! you’re welcome. i love finding new people to follow xx

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