Last week I spent a day in London at the Lush Creative Showcase event that they hold yearly where you can see and buy all the exclusive items including the new Halloween and Christmas range for 2017 *EEEK* It was so exciting and an amazing fun day and obviously I went a got myself all of the halloween items mwahahaha.

So here it is a sneak peak to what you’ll be expecting to get from Lush this coming Halloween!

This is halloween! Everybody make a scene!

I’m gunna start with the bubble bars! So if you don’t know about these they are basically solid bubble bath, you just crumble it into your running bath and it creates lots of bubbles and turns the water a different colour and you get the gorgeous scent of all the essential oils too, its super soft and oh so good!

This year the sparkly Orange Pumpkin has come back yay! And they have also now got a Pink pumpkin too which is super cute and smells amazing too. Then we have this super cute Bewitched bubble bar which is a cat face shape, it’s also new to this years halloween range, it smells amazing and I’m a crazy cat lady so I obviously love love love it!

Moving onto the bath bombs, Monsters Ball is back again and they have made a new jelly bomb for halloween which is called Ectoplasm! It has a little ghost on which i thought was so cute! It made my water so soft and a lovely lilac colour with glitter, it smells glorioussss! Also Lord of misrule is back and it is one of my favourite scents that lush have ever made, i love the blood red colour is leaves the bath too, just amazing. Thank god the Pumpkin is back too as it was my absolute fave to buy last year! Pumpkins are life.


As I was buying everything anyway I thought why not pick up the 2 halloween soaps they had! The black one with orange in the middle is called Magic wand and the other is called Hedgewitch and it smells just like Plum Rain which is one of my fave shower gels Lush sell, yum! I got myself a little chunk each, one for my bathroom and one for the kitchen. 😀

Baby, Lord of Misrule is back HELL YAAAS. This year the texture is more thick swell, it’s super creamy and softening and the smells is just beautiful. LOVE. So naturally, I picked up the biggest bottle!

The Lush creative showcase was amazing and their set up for the Halloween range literally made me die, like omg it was fantastic! Look at the size of the huge cauldrons the had, I want one!! So many witchy goth feels.


Are you excited for Lush halloween as much as I am?! Thank you for reading!



  1. September 18, 2017 / 1:08 am

    Oh gosh. I need to get my butt to Lush now and make my bank account cry.

    Jess |

    • sophiesophs92
      September 18, 2017 / 3:23 pm

      haha! lush halloween gets into stores the first week of October 😀 Im excited to keep repurchasing these haha xx

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