Lately I have been doing so well at keeping up with my blog and I have been feeling much more keen to venture out places to take those blog photos, edit and sit down to chill and let my mind type away on the keyboard. I have recently got my own domain at last! I alsoΒ got a new theme and header for my blog which I am totally in love with! I like my blog to be monochrome (oh what a surprise!) I like how it feels simple and fresh and I’ve added my love for spooky cute things to my header with the bat, pumpkin and ghosts. I am feeling so positive and have lots of positivity running through me, and this makes me feel great!

“Peachy keen, jelly bean”

So I’ve been known to live everyday in cute little skirts, I own over 30!! But sometimes I’ll wear a pretty dress too but once upon a time, I would constantly live in jeans and dungarees, my favourite pair of dungarees are these black skinny jean ones I have on, I love them! I got them from H&M maybe like 2 years ago? I love layering with these, and today I went for a gorgeous white mesh top that has sun, moon and star prints on, it’s a very much loved item of clothing of mine. I am so excited for Autumn as it’s my favourite season and Halloween will be here soon yayaaaa, my favourite holiday of the year! You know, in case you couldn’t already tell πŸ˜‰ I love how the air feels that little bit cooler and we get to bring out the cosy knitwear and scarves, the outfits are going to be amazing, don’t forget about how beautiful everything looks! I cannot wait to be able to start dressing more for Autumn /Winter soon, I got a feeling I will be out in the trees and fallen leaves shooting photographs ALOT.

I’m feeling so inspired and much more focused on my blog than I ever have been, and that excites me! My blog is a big part of my life now and the more it grows, I grow with it. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many supportive people on the internet they forever inspire me and we support each other every day, that’s one of my favourite parts of blogging, I feel like we our a huge girl gang! Weird & Wonderful is what I am and I am forever going to proud of this little space on the internet that I created all by myself, go me!

Dungarees – H&M / Top – Missguided / Shoes – Creepers

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