I’m not going to lie, I love a little cry and especially to a really feel good or heart wrenching film. I am a huge film lover, I’ve watched many and love watching new ones
that I’ve never seen. Me and Adam usually take regular to trips to the cinema as date nights out, mainly to see any new Marvel films as we are huge fans! I like all different types of movies, from animated family films to thrillers to comedies to romantic lovey dovey ones!

So here it is, 5 films that 100% every single time i watch them, they will make me cry!

My Sisters Keeper

Now my sisters keeper always makes me cry, I’m literally a sobbing mess all the way through, biggest crybaby over here! It’s a real heart wrenching and emotional film and it really makes you feel through the characters throughout the story. You are gunna need a lot of tissues for this one!


Now you wouldn’t think of this of being a sad movie but it has a real emotional story behind it. Casper is one my favourite all time movies and it just reminds me of being a child growing up, and especially watching this with all the family around Halloween time. It’s a classic and has some great funny moments in it but the bit near the end at the dance always tears me up, it’s so emotional and lovely. Oh Casper you cutie, you.


The Notebook

Now onto a happy crying film but again quite sad and fully emotional as well! I also love the fact it’s set in the 1940’s too so you have a real feel of what it was like to be in love back then. It’s a beautiful love story and there is no better love than Noah’s & Allies. ♥ Also Rachel McAdams is my favourite actress.


P.S. I love you


This film again simply makes me have tears running down my face throughout the entire film, every letter makes me cry a little more and I can’t help but watch it again and again. The story follows Holly receiving letters from her husband Gerry that he made before he died from an illness. Everything he did for her and said to her really pulls at your heart strings, and reminds you that being in love is simply one of the best feelings in the world.



Now for my number 1 Disney movie to make me cry my heart out, Up. It shows the love story of Carl & Ellie and how they grew up together after meeting as young children. It shows Carls life and what he had and lost and him being heartbroken and it really makes you sob. Then now as an old man he meets young Russel which takes him on a whole new adventure and then it makes you smile, love it.


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