Lush Hair Conditioners!

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Now I’m officially a Lush employee *YAY* I thought it’s only right I starting talking more about Lush products as I have been using them for a few years now and I am starting to use lots more different products now I work there, I am so passionate about Lush as a company and I want to share my reviews on all the wonderful products they have created.

Today I’m gunna go through 3 liquid hair conditioners that Lush sell, they also do one more called Happy Happy Joy Joy which I have not yet tried so can’t give my review on that one just yet. Lush also do solid hair conditioners so look out for that post in the future!


If you want a lightweight conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down but still leaves your hair super soft and smelling gorgeous, this is the conditioner for you. This is the only conditioner that doesn’t have any Lanolin in so it is perfect for Vegans too *hence the awesome name* It’s packed with Agar Agar gel which is made from seaweed, it is super softening and hydrates every strand of hair, it has lots of lemon oil and juice to give it that nice shine and also some lovely lavender in their too. I liked this conditioner, but for me personally my hair is damaged from a lot of dyeing so I need something more thicker and extra conditioning.

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100g Β£4.95 / 250g Β£9.95 / 500g Β£16.50

American Cream!

This is my favourite of them all, it’s a gorgeous creamy conditioner that smells like a strawberry vanilla milkshake and it leaves a long lasting smell to the hair which I love! This is a more thick conditioner so if you want that extra bit of moisture you can get this from American cream, full of fresh strawberries to cleanse the hair and Honey to make the hair feel soft and silky. It also has vanilla pod infusion, clary sage oil and lavender oil all chucked in their too! It’s simply amazing and does wonders for my damaged, dry hair.


100g Β£5.45 / 240g Β£10.95 / 475g Β£17.95


This is a holy grail if your hair needs some serious TLC, it’s a lovely heavier conditioner that is simply made for hair that needs some recovery and it got mine back into a much better condition after lots of dye and heat damage. It’s packed with a whole load of ingredients to deeply condition and moisturise hair like Agar agar gel, soya yoghurt, organic avocado oil, fresh melon and organic extra virgin olive oil. This did wonders for me and now I still use it but I now alternate between this and American cream, it’s a great conditioner for hair that needs some life put back into it. It also works great with Lush’s Rehab shampoo.


100g Β£5.95 / 245g Β£11.50

Lush hair conditioners are so great as they are all made for different types of hair, and all do different things for the hair, they are packed full of natural and fresh ingredients and are completely cruelty free and 100% vegetarian! What’s not to love ay? Also if you bring back 5 clean black pots back into your local Lush, we recycle them and then give you a fresh face mask of your choice, completely free! Lush is just a fabulous company and I feel proud to be part of it. If you still aren’t sure which one is best for you, you can always take a sample to try before you buy aswell!

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