We all love a wish list and mine is HUGE. I have wanted so many things especially from Killstar since like forever, I just purchased the Coffin backpack that I have been lusting over for way over a year now and it’s finally here and it’s gorgeous and perfect and a total must have of mine.

I have chosen a few of my favourite things I have been lusting over forevzzz.

Dr. Martens Pascal boots – These are gorgeous and I have wanted a pair for soooo long now. I need to just save some money aside on a payday and just treat myself! I know it’s getting into summer now and I don’t want to be wearing boots a lot, don’t want sweaty feet! But I will get these one day!

Killstar Lost baby doll dress – oh my god, you know when you see something and you think ‘that’s me, i need that in my life’ this is my first initial though that went through my head when this first arrived on the kill star website! I should of just purchased it there and then but I was trying to be good.. but now it’s been out of stock in my size every time I check ARGH so annoying! You will be mine, one day soon! It’s perfect.

Killstar Witchery bodysuit – This would look so good with a skirt or jeans and I just adore the pentagram detailing! WANT!

Banned Black Bat Creepers – I love wearing my creepers, they bring a whole different look to an outfit and I have been wanting these ones SO BAD since like forever. I first seen them in my local Blue Banana shop ages ago and I am obsessed with anything that has bats on so these are like a perfect pair of shoes for me! They so pretty, I need them in my life so badddd.

Banned Bats & Webs bikini – Can I justify spending Β£50 on one bikini?! But it looks soooo good and it is so unique and different and very cool πŸ˜› My boyfriend was like Β£50 really?! I may have to do a sneaky purchase maybe…. shhh..

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