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It’s nearly May already?! Whaaaaaat.

I’m back again with a favourites post of the month, I  have been super busy working a lot this past month (I feel like i say that every month?) but I managed to enjoy a few things this month starting of with my ultimate love for Lush! Now I have a new job with Lush I will be trying so many more products now with my hefty discount and I cannot wait to share and review more Lush items on my blog! *exciting*

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Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite shower gels from Lush which is Plum Rain. It. Smells. Amazing. The gorgeous scents of orange and fresh plum smell great together and it lathers up so well and feels so soft against my skin, it’s definitely up there in my top 5 shower gels I have used from Lush!

Two other products that have been life savers for my skin recently are Grease Lightening which is a fantastic spot treatment (even my boyfriend steals it!) it’s great to pop on daily on those nasty areas. Also one of their fresh face masks, this time I chose Catastrophe Cosmetic which was the first ever face mask I used from Lush many years ago and until this day is still a must have for my skin, especially when it has that spotty time of the month. This facemask is amazing for calming the skin and making it feel super soft afterwards because of all the great goodness that’s in it, including fresh blueberries too!

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So let’s just take a minute to talk about 13 Reason Why, it’s a Netflix original series that so many of us have been raving about recently and I just loved it. It was difficult to watch at times but it is so relevant and really was an eye-opener that everything you say and do to a person can affect them in so many different ways and that you should think before you speak and also to speak up if anything is wrong. It was gripping and really pulled with so many emotions, but overall I enjoyed the show and I am hoping there will be a Season 2 as I have so many unanswered questions that I just need to know the answers to?!

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Lastly is a fashion favourite of mine and that is this lovely gingham print skirt that I got from Pull&Bear, it’s gorgeous and comfy and I basically live in skirts so I was like why not buy another? The gingham print is everywhere at the moment and I have spotted so many nice things so hopefully I will be wearing more of it soon!

With my new job starting this week I am feeling super positive about May and I am looking forward to what the next month will bring! Thanks for reading!

Until next time guys & ghouls


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