Being an obsessive hair colour changer that I am, I was getting that feeling again where I wanted a different colour in my life, my hair literally changes with my mood!

When I seen the range of Colorista coloured hair dyes by L’oreal I instantly fell in love, they are the most gorgeous shades and it was a toss up between the dirty pink or the lilac, this time I went for the lilac. I thought I’d show you what this product made my hair turn out like as I have never used this dye before as I am a lover of Directions hair dyes!, but it’s nice to try other brands from time to time.


I had very blonde/silver bleached hair so I knew I was going to get a lovely colour result with this dye, and I did get a nice lilac colour but a very odd thing happened also.. I have some blue tones in my hair too?! So bizarre. I don’t know if it’s maybe because I have recently had blues and pinks in my hair, no idea?! But hey, I actually quite like it, it makes it look more random and unique! So for now,  I’m very much loving it.


Depending of the condition and type of hair you have will depend on results you get with this hair dye, or any hair dye in fact! But my first review of this, is that it came out lovely beautiful colours that I am pleased with! Have you tried any of the colorista range?


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