*WARNING* lots of photos! πŸ˜›

Wow, my hair has change sooo many times, especially in the last 6 years from ages 18-24, as 18 was the time I studied Hairdressing at college so me being me, all i wanted to do was experiment and thats where the addiction to changing my hair colour started!

I was very blonde when I was little and then it got darker whilst growing up and turned out fully brown at around 1o years old, that’s when i decided to start growing my full fringe out too. I always had quite thick hair which I’d always straighten to make it look slightly decent and it grew quite long when I was around 15/16 and it was gorgeous! At 15 I remember bleaching a section underneath my hair and thinking I was such a cool kid going into school ha! Then I got it cut shorter and had a wispy fringe put in, then I decided I wanted to be a cool punk rock girl and dye it all black! I had black hair for years and I adored it, it really suited me and everyone always said it made my dark brown eyes pop! At 16 I was in my last year at school and it was that time where everyone wanted long hair so we’d all wear those dreadful synthetic hair extensions.. yup that was me.

When studying hair at college when i was about 18, the teacher wanted some one to experiment on and I had my hand up straight away. She knew what suited me and i wanted a big change so she cut a few inches of my hair.. within a month I had a short pixie cut and I just fell in love with it! I had short hair for a few years, in this time I would experiment with colours and shave the sides of my hair too. At about 21 I started to try and grow my hair and still carried on dyeing it different colours every few months.

Haha! Some of these photos are so bad! So after trying to grow my hair out for a while I ended up cutting it short again, I just couldn’t make up my mind as I loved the short edgy look but desperately wanted to have longer hair again so i could style it in different ways. I went through a stage of trying out some real hair extensions whilst in the process of growing it out and then decided I like it mid length and with all the bleaching and dyeing hair it never really grows that much anyway! 😦


In the last year I have had a full fringe again and dyed it multiples of times, usually sticking to silvery blonde tones and pinks and blues! I dyed my hair again today so it is now Lilac but have no photos as of yet! I can’t decide on a favourite hair colour but I am really loving silver blonde hair and blue is one I love to have too.

Hope you enjoyed seeing all my colours and styles I have had over the years, maybe one day I’ll stick to one colour and keep it that way…. πŸ˜›


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