I haven’t done a favourites post in god knows how long?! I’ve been pretty busy already this year so I have decided to do my current favourites rather than just a monthly round up this time. Now I have my own home who I share with my boyfriend I have been enjoying having my own space and buying lots of thing for our new flat to make us feel all cosy and homey and we have started to make it really feel like our own place and I just love it! One of the things I love is my fluffy new cosy cushions for the sofa, they are fluffy and are grey black and white and they are just gorgeous! I got them for Β£8.99 each from The Range, the range is so great for home stuff! πŸ˜‰


I have really been loving this new candle I have which I got from my friend Kristie for Christmas, it smells so so nice and I also have these AMAZING looking dripping candles which Adam so thoughtfully got for me and they just look so damn cool with all the different colours dripping down the white candle giving off this spooky colourful effect, it just looks great and everyone who visits always comments on how cool it looks.

When it comes to YouTube I have lots of favourites that I will watch just every single one of their videos that they upload, and one of my favourite people to watch who I have been a huge fan of for several years is BroganTatexo She is so damn relatable and just so normal, nothing seems fake about her which is something I look for in a YouTuber, she is so down to earth so if you have never seen her channel go give it a look, you won’t regret it! She also lives in Bournemouth in Dorset and that is where I grew up so as you can imagine I thoroughly enjoy watching her go around and do things in the beautiful town of Bournemouth (even tho i get jealous of the beach!)


I have a couple of beauty favourites including my Miss Dior perfume which I have had for a long time and it just smells so gorgeous and the scent lasts all day. A liquid lipstick I have been wearing a lot recently is my Lime Crime Velvetine in the shade Salem, it is a really lovely dark brown shade and just finishes off the look when I’m wearing a full face of make up, it’s my fave! And this wouldn’t be a favourites post without mentioning a Lush product, it’s the famous Plum Rain! After hearing people mention it and I have tried many of their shower gels and creams but never this one and oh my! It is so lovely, it’s such a yummy fruity scent and it lathers up so nicely in the shower.



And lastly I have really been enjoying watching the classic creepy family of The Munsters! I think it’s just so funny and simply great, I love that is is black and white too. I am collector of pop vinyl figures and recently was browning the web and I came across all the characters too! so I definitely think I’ll be adding those to my collection very, very soon. πŸ˜€

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this favourites post! Have you enjoyed anything thats on my list?


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