It’s all about fishnet


If someone were to ask me what my favourite thing to wear is then I would probably say fishnet, or another word people are calling it now, is mesh. I have had a huge love for fishnet tights over the last few years and I wear them constantly and can’t go out on a night out with friends without pairing them with an all black outfit probably throwing in a faux leather skirt and chunky boots with it aswell, my killer look. In the last year or however long, fishnet/mesh has become more of a trend with high street stores selling tops/dresses/jumpers and adding it to pieces of clothing and I was so happy and went out and just got myself loads! Over the past couple of months I have noticed that lots of people who probably wouldn’t usually wear fishnet tights are all wearing the ones with the larger holes and I have got myself a pair and they look so damn good, people are killing it with wearing them with ripped jeans as well! I love them but my heart will always stick with the smaller hole tights(haha)


I bought this amazing long sleeved top from the Divided Grey section in H&M around 6 months ago (i think they do a similar one still) and I absolutely love it, I wore it over a basic black dress also from H&M, my trusty fishnet tights and a new pair of creeper styles trainers I got last week(again H&M)

Ok, so you may of noticed I buy a lot of my clothes from H&M and the reasons being that I work there so I get a lovely discount and that I have always loved their style clothes and for the price you cannot go wrong! My whole wardrobe is filled with amazing bits from H&M and if I see something and think, that is so me, then I cannot help myself but to just buy it! My poor bank balance.. Does anyone else do that? If it’s gone and I didn’t buy it I would be gutted, this is why I’m a shopaholic.

I finished the look off with a black hat which I adore, it was a bargain at just Β£3 from Primark! I think adding a black hat like this to an outfit makes it have all the witchy feels which I just adore.


This outfit it a typical outfit I would wear out to go shopping or a casual day out and it’s comfortable and all black which is such a me thing but I love it nonetheless! πŸ˜›Β Do you love Β fishnet/mesh style clothing? What’s your favourite pieces to wear?

Β Until next time..


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