5 Current Netflix favourites


As the days are getting colder now we tend to spend a lot more time indoors and i myself like to just sit and binge watch tv shows or films and netflix has a whole range of awesome things to watch.Β I watch a lot of tv shows on Netflix and I have my top 5 that I am really enjoying at the moment, I can’t even remember the days without netflix?!

1. Gilmore girls. So I have watched an episode here and there in recent years but never actually sat down and fully watched a season so this is the perfect time for me to start! I am really enjoying it so far. πŸ™‚ It is proper girly and a real lovely programme to watch and also makes you laugh and have all the feels!

2. American Horror Story. Ooh one of my favourite series ever. Season 5 is now on Netflix too which is great! When you are feeling spooky and want to watch something strange and unusual, I recommend AHS 100%! Asylum is my fave. Don’t watch it on your own if you get scared easily xD some things are kinda messed up and I may have had really freaky dreams about this show before haha I love it tho.

3. Once Upon A Time. I have still not yet gotten up to date with this series but I am slowly but steady getting there. I am currently on season 3 out of 6! The thing that’s great is that it really is never ending, you meet so many different characters and there is so many different storylines that’s what makes it so exciting to watch.

4.Β The Big Bang Theory.Β I have always been a fan of the big bang theory, I feel it’s on the same lines of Friends which is my favourite tv show EVER! I am blessed to have the whole box set of Friends πŸ˜› Anyway.. I love the big bang theory, all the characters are just fantastic and the guys are nerdy and I love the nerd life! Sheldon is probably my favourite, his personality is everything I love hahaha. Netflix has season 1-9 which is just great!

5. iZombie.Β I feel like not many people have watched this as I’ve never really heard people talk of it but I absolutely love iZombie. It’s funny and super interesting as you follow a young woman named Liv who has been turned into a zombie but tries to lead a somewhat normal life while her friend Ravi tries to find a cure to make her human again. The story just gets better and better and so interesting, I’m now on the 2nd and final season and I am so looking forward to see how this ends?! This programme is a must see.


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