Sunday Summary #16

I haven’t done a lot this week but here is a photo of one of out beautiful cats, her name is Nala. πŸ™‚ 

As the days go by it’s starting to get colder and colder and winter is definitley coming! 

This week I have been watching a lot of tv, including iZombie on Netflix which I absolutely love. Me and Adam are no onto the 2nd season and it just gets better. Another thing I have been watching is Once Upon a Time. It’s filled with the most amazing story characters which fascinates me, I am always looking forward to finding who else is who. The storylines are great also, it keeps you hooked and just makes me wanna watch it more and more.

I have had a chilled couple of days off and I have to work 2pm-11pm tonight which is gunna drag! We have to do stocktake thats why it’s such a long shift! Ahwell, it’s gotta be done! I am annoyed I wont be watching the first episode of I’m a celebrity which is back on our tv screens tonight YAY! Ant and Dec are my faves.

Have a wonderful SundayπŸ’ž 

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