My Favourite Scary Movies! πŸ‘»

What’s your favourite scary movie?
I am a big film fanatic, I love to watch all types of films and when i’m in the mood I can sit down with Adam and put on a scary one. Not gunna lie, as i’ve got older i have become more of a wimp when it cones to scary films haha!

So here is my list of my favourites for you to go and watch this Halloween to get you in the scary spirit! πŸ‘»

The halloween series are my all time fave films in the horror genre, it’s a classic! Good ole Michael Myers on his killing mission, I just love it. The basic plot is that a 6 year old Michael Myers kills his sister on Halloween night and 15 years later he escapes jail and is back to kill. The mask he wears creeps me out and he looks so freaky it makes me sit on the edge of my seat. πŸ˜› The fact it is set on Halloween the day itself too is a great reason to sit down and watch these films in October. There are 8 films altogether, which is mad! And they are all definitley worth a watch. Go get the box set and have a movie weekend! 

Now this is a classic, the newer remake was okay but not a touch on the classic film. Now this is a real slasher film, and Freddy Krueger still freaks me the hell out! I am pretty sure when I was a young teenager I would of had a nightmare at one point haha. He haunts people dreams and kills them in the dream, which they end up actually being killed in real life, just imagine that.. This is a real thrill seeker for me! His face with those claws, argh.

Again with another classic horror, you can tell I like the classics more than todays horror films which are made can’t you, I just feel they get more of a thrill to them. The thing I love about scream is you really do keep guessing who the killer is and when you find out in the end it’s like oooh … haha. Somebody in the town is a killer which goes around trying to kill everyone who is friends with Sydney, a high school student. There’s a whole back story to it as well and it’s a really good film to watch, also Scary Movie is a spoof of this and it is hilarious!! πŸ™‚ 

‘Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers’

That song always give me the creeps still. I love Jeepers creepers, it’s one of the film ms that as a teenager when i’d have a sleepiver with my friends we would always stick this in ghe dvd player to watch. I gotta say that I do much prefer the 2nd film to the 1st but they are both worth a watch if you haven’t seen them! It’s basically about a creature thing who beeds to eat once every 23 years and guess what it eats.. Yep, humans! It’s an awesome creepy film! 

Last but not least is The Shining! Jack Nicholson is fantastic in this film! It’s about him and his family move into an isolated hotel in the middle of nowhere to get over his writers block for the winter. But an evil and spiritual presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific things from the past and of the future. The thing I like about The Shining is that the focus is more on the horror and fear rather than gore. 
So do you have any favourite scary movies? πŸ‘» 

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