Favourite nail paints by Barry MΒ 


Today I wanted to talk about my 5 most worn nail varnishes that I own and I just love to wear. Ever since I started collecting the nail paints from Barry M a few years ago I have never bought from any other brand as they are brilliant, have such great colours. They also retail for only Β£2.99 – Β£3.99 and are cruelty free which is always a bonus! 


The first 2 I have here are from their Gelly Hi Shine range, which makes the colour really pop and shine which is great. I have this first one which is a gorgeous deep red/purple berry shade, I always get complimented on this colour as I have a lipstick to match and I wear them together. Also next is this lovely light grey colour which is nice when I feel like wearing a lighter colour which isn’t often but at least the option is there and I love the way this looks on my nails.


Next I have 2 purple shades, one being a lilac colour, this is my favourite colour so it is a must-have in my collection. The other one is abingage light lilac colour, but also kind of brown? It’s strange, I can’t really explain but it’s grunge and I love it.


Last but not least, obviously I was going to put the colour black in this list. My most worn of all my nail varnishes is black, I wear black a lot and this colour goes with absolutely everything. I have the normal black paint colour but I wanted to include this one as this as from their Matte range. After you apply the colour, it dries into a gorgeous matte colour and it is super cool, I love it and it just looks so different and stands out to the normal nail paint.

Hope you liked reading about my favourite nail varnishes, I have around 30 nail varnishes and I really recommend the Barry M range as I cannot fault them at all! πŸ˜€


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