Sunday summary #12

This week has gone so fast, and i had my last shift at my current store as a sales assistant today! I start my managemnet training tomorrow and i am really excited but nervous at the same time, ahhhh. 

I was lucky enough to see my friend Jakub who i haven’t seen in 4 months, as he’s been back in Poland. We got super drunk and it was a fabulous night. 

Apart from working the only other thing I did this week was have bubble baths and used some more of my heap of bath bombs I have collected. I have also started shopping with my mum for home stuff, ikea is the best! Want everythaaaang. 

Also these photographs of Harry Styles who is my ultimate guy crush *slightly in love with* were released this week and OMFG just look at him, i can’t cope. That black nail varnish aswell😍❀️ What a beautiful human. 


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