Why I love October πŸŽƒ

My favourite month of the year is finally here, hello October! The months are flying by but my favourite time of year is most definitely Autumn/Winter. Everything about warm drinks, cold air and cosy clothes just makes me feel fuzzy inside.










Those was a very obvious one, if you know me you know I am all for everything Halloween and not just this time of year. Halloween is great and I love it, time to get those horror movies out and I cannot wait to dress up this year and decorate the house for the Halloween party we are going to be having! Remember keep being spooky and that everyday can be Halloween.:)

Home decor.


So because of this time of year being Halloween soon lots of shops have plenty of Halloween items to buy, my love is especially for all the home decor they have, you can get some awesome and beautiful pieces. I should be moving into my new flat in November so I know where all my money will be going!

Cold weather.


I am one of those people who are just always cold but October is usually the time where you start getting those cold crisp days so you can layer up your clothes and stick on a beanie hat or scarf. I also love after being outside in the chilly air, getting home for a nice warm hot chocolate and getting cosy to watch a film.

Lush products.

lush halloween.png

October is the month where you can start to stock up on all the Halloween and Christmas products from Lush. I am a huge lushie and I will start having much more bubble baths now the weather is starting to get colder. I have already got myself down to Lush and got all of the Halloween goodies that they have on sale and i am looking forward to checking out all the Christmas range soon too!



Ooh I love a good scented candle burning in my home, and the autumn scents are sooo good.



I just love it when the leaves start to go brown and golden and they start to fall to the floor, I think nature is beautiful and this time of the year is perfect to take some stunning photographs on nature walks in the woods and parks around where I live.

Who loves October as much as me? What’s your favourite things at this time of year?


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