Ebay wishlist!


Hello lovelies. I am obsessed with buying things, usually little items that I don’t even need but when my mind wants something I just splurge out and I end up ordering lots of stuff online, oops! One place that I love to find good bargains on is ebay and amazon but I usually stick to ebay.

I have put together a little wishlist of things that I currently have my eyes on.

Make-up brushes.

I’m constantly buying new makeup brushes because even after you wash them, after a while they lose their oomph and it’s always nice to have soft new brushes when applying make-up. I have heard that lots of people tend to try out cheap brushes from ebay and apparently they aren’t all that bad? So I want to try some out and I found these gorgeous black and purple brushes which are just so me. I usually buy real techniques or eco tools which aren’t too bad prices but it would be nice to have some spare that are a cheaper option!


I have wanted a pair of creepers for sooooo long but I just never get round to actually buying some as I would usually stick to my chunky boots, converse or vans. I just love them, the plan black velvet ones are just so beautiful and they will definitely go with my style and become a wardrobe staple (even tho I keep my shoes under the stairs ha!) You can get lots of different styles on ebay and they start from Β£10 and upwards which is just such a good price!


Bat pendant necklace.

How cute and quirky is this little bat necklace, I love it! I love bats and this is go witchy and cool and i want it. I have a huge collection of necklaces and chokers but it’s always expanding haha!



Vinyl can be quite pricey to buy but if you look at places like charity shops or ebay you can get some good deals. My boyfriend, Adam, bought me my first ever record player last christmas and I am looking forward to purchasing more vinyls for my record collection. 2 I have in mind and Melanie Martinez – Crybaby, this is such a good album I am in love with her and every one of the songs she produces. Also The 1975’s latest album as I just adore their music, I could listen to them all day.


Jack skellington plush.

How frickin cute is he! I love all things Halloween, all year around too. And when I seen this on ebay as I was ordering a new phone case I just knew I needed to get him. Black and white is the theme I want for my home when I move out(hopefully in the next 6 months!) and I will definitely have lots of Jack skellington items which I will be sure to share.


Stay creepy and cute! πŸ˜›


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