Sunday Summary #3

1 / Selfie       2 / Besties       3 / Beautiful bride
4 / Nala being cute         5 / Limecrime Velvetines 

It was such a hectic day yesterday that I forgot to finish off my Sunday blog post! Ah well, i’m doing it now anyway haha.

Been quite a hectic week in work but luckily I had the weekend off and I went down Bournemouth. It was one of my oldest friends wedding on Saturday and it was such a beautiful and fun day! We had gorgeous weather down Bournemuth too and I even got a tan, nothing like a pre-holiday tan ay 😉 That’s right, I am off on my holiday next Sunday and I can’t wait!! Here I come sunny Majorca 🙂

I thought i’d take a moment to show off my first 2 Lime Crime Velvetines that I have recently purchased, I got the colours Saint and Cashmere (LOVE them both) After purchasing the 2 Venus eyeshadow pallettes from Lime Crime just over a month ago, I fell in love and just had to try there matte lipsticks as I am obsessed with matte lippys right now!

Now I’m currently on my way to Adam’s house to have a cosy night in after a long day at work. Ooh and the sun is still shining, fab.☀️


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