Sunday Summary #2

1 / Sunset ย  ย 2 / Cuddles with our cat Tink ย  ย 3 / Choco banana Pockyย 
4 / Yo sushi date with Adam ย  5 / Bristol harbour festival – Brother ย  6 / Bag of nails cat pub!


I finally visited the little cat pub we have here in Bristol today! After a lovely day walking around the harbour festival with my family, and I even caught the sun yay! I am super excited as myself and Adam have just booked a last minute holiday to Majorca which we leave for in 2 weeks, I really can’t wait to visit the beach and spend a week away with my favourite person. This week I was also super proud of myself for trying new foods, with a lot of help from my boyfriend haha. We went to Yo sushi on Wednesday and I managed to try some avocado rolls and crispy salmon sushi too. To be honest I was not keen, BUT i tried it none the less (big achievement for me) and I then got to order some chicken katsu curry which was delicious. ๐Ÿ™‚


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