Our 2nd stop on our interrail trip was Berlin! Oh my god it is a huge place, much bigger than I expected anyway. I really liked Berlin, it was gorgeous weather and we also got to spend time with my Uncle, Auntie and cousin as they live over there! So they shown us all the sights and it was great fun.Β 

One thing I particularly enjoyed was going to the Holocaust memorial, it was very touching and so sad to read and see about all the things that happened to all those people, it was very interesting.


We seen part of the Berlin wall as well was really cool and even when to the top of the tower to see it all from a better view.


The best part of our Berlin trip has got to be going to Berlin zoo! It was so so cool. I got see animals that I have never seen before such as Elephants, Zebras and Giraffes. It was a boiling hot day too and it was so great to go to a zoo in a different country.

Berlin was great, looking forward to going back one day. πŸ™‚

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