Current wishlist!

I am going on a trip around Europe next week with my best friend Kristie so I have been resisting the urge to buy all of the awesome things and random bits and bobs that I like to collect. I am always jotting down things that I want to buy when I have the spare money to spend and as I have been trying to save up as much money as possible for my trip I have tried to not treat myself and splurge on all the things that I need.. ok want, in my life.


Tie-dye dress/Gypsy warrior • Witchy pin/Gypsy warrior • Doc martens • Holographic bag/New Look • Crop top/Minga london • Black Butler manga boxset •

I have a HUGE ever growing wishlist of all sorts of things I lust over to buy for myself (unless someone wants to treat me?!) From this gorgeous grunge looking tie dye dress which I automatically fell in love with as with everything else on the Gypsy warrior website. This witchy pin is another thing I just neeeeed! I like to collect pins and badges for my bags or denim jackets. I have wanted a pair of Doc Martens ever since I can remember but with them being a bit pricey I just never got round to taking the plunge, but after my trip away I think I may just go and treat myself! *why not*

This gorgeous mermaid style bag is something I just want to add to my collection of bags! Loves. Minga London has sooo many crop tops that I think are so cool, this is one I picked out as yes, black is my happy colour! #gothlife. And last but not least I am really enjoying watching Black butler anime at the moment and I would love to own the manga boxset at some point in the future! 😀


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