The story of you By Katy Regan. 

I want to share memories with you. The happy memories are like sunbursts, sparkling on the seas. But then, like a current dragging me under, there’s that summer of 1997. The summer my life exploded, I had to grow up, the summer you came into my life. And so this is The Story Of You.

I am currently sat on a train on my europe trip travelling from Vienna to Paris! This will be our last stop before we head home back to England on Sunday. I have just finished reading my most recent book which I bought in a cute little book shop in Amsterdam for €5! 

I am so happy I chose this book, I mainly went for the cover and then when I read the blurb I thought it sounded to good no to get.

The story follows a 32 year old british woman named Robyn, who lets you in to her life and also into her past life on previous events that have happened to make her into the person she is today. This book made me cry and I also had a few giggles. The thing I liked most about this book it how real it felt when reading it, almost as if I cared for her in some way.

It really got me hooked, and those books are the best ones! The feeling of not wanting to put the book down just tells you that it’s a great read. Robyn has had bad things happen to her in her life and this book follows her trying to deal with these problems and to help her not to live in the past. The past does not define you and reading this book makes you think about you’re own life and it made me look    more positively towards the future and I feel happier to know I have read this story.

The story of you by Katy Regan.


My Rating: 10/10


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