I’ve had a really good month throughout April, I have spent time with family and friends and of course Adam. I have watched lots of awesome animes, dyed my hair about 5 different colours and the sun has tried to make an appearance now and again *yipeee* Now it’s May and I am having my first ‘proper’ travelling experience with my best friend which we leave for tomorrow!Β I am super excited and can’t wait to blog about it all when I’m back!


β€’ I have been really enjoying collecting pins for my jackets and bags and I have my eye on soo many more cute ones!

β€’ I have been getting into wearing fishnets more and more and they are like my go-to outfit choice, also paired with long over the knee socks!

β€’ I have met new friends this month and have had lots of fun going out with them in town πŸ™‚

β€’ In April it was finally time to take my sister to see 5 seconds of summer in concert and we absolutely loved it! They were so good, smashed it, I love Ashton 😍

I also finally got my new iphone 6 after losing it last month 😦 and some hoe something went wrong and all my photos are gone from the icloud 😦 so i have lost slll my phone photos from december.. Ugh. Sad times. On a positive note they are just photos and I take lots of my camera instead anyway. Next time I will keep them backed up else where not just icloud! Hope you guys had a nice month!

I’ve been watching..

Game of Thrones

Attack on titan

Helen Anderson Youtube

Zoe London Youtube

What i’ve been listening to..


Pop goes punk

Kerrang radio

What I’ve been reading..

Helen Anderson’s blog

My life next door by Huntley Fitzpatrick


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