What I’m currently geeking about!


I wanted todays post to be about the awesome things I am loving at the moment, things that I get excited about and what make me happy! My boyfriend is a super nerd, and I love him for it. Since being with him over the last 2 and a bit years he has got me hooked on all sorts of stuff and it’s made me like a lot more, so say, ‘nerdy’ things and it’s fabulous. I have stumbled across much more blogs which are more of my interests and people showing their cool geeky side and talking all the stuff that they enjoy doing, whether it be comics to tv shows to music and it has made me want to do the same. Let’s go!

β€’ Suicide squadΒ β€’Β 

Oh yes, I am so friggin excited for this film and as they have recently released a 2nd trailer for the film it has got me a little more impatient! Obviously it’s got harley quinn who is such a badass and the fact that Will Smith is in it too is amazing, what a legend. Now that we know Batman has more of a bigger part in it that I thought, this makes me happy too! I was impressed with the latest film of Batman Vs Superman and I do love ole Ben Affleck! πŸ˜›


β€’ Captain america civil warΒ β€’

So slightly more than suicide squad, I am SO looking forward to this! I love all marvel films and captain america is my favourite (Chris Evans MMM) I am really intrigued to find out what happens in this film and I am definitely Team cap all the way!! πŸ˜› I do really like Iron man tho, he is brilliant. When the 2nd trailer got released and we seen Spiderman at the end I was like WHAAAAT. Super excited and it comes out this week YAY!


β€’ AnimeΒ β€’

I’ve really gotten more into watching anime these past 6 months or so and I am loving it. I am currently watching a few which include: Black Butler, Sankarea, Tokyo mew mew, Fairy Tail, Sailor moon and have recently started Attack on Titan and OMG it’s sooo goood. I love cute girly animes but I also like action and fighting as well, keeps me hooked! πŸ˜› I also got round to watching My neighbour Totoro & Spirited Away and I loved them too! Do you have any animes to recommend to watch? I can add it to my huge list!


β€’ My Nikon D3300Β β€’

Just after christmas I treated myself to a beautiful DSLR camera and I am still learning everyday new things and how to know how to use all the different settings and what not. I am just a beginner but I really enjoy taking photographs and I always have done. I am in love with my camera and I hope this hobby turns into something great. πŸ˜€


β€’ Pins & BadgesΒ β€’

I have scrolled across so many cool websites (mainly from instagram!) that sell lots of awesome pins and badges and I have started to collect more recently for my bags and denim jackets and I think it adds a personal style to the outfit and I think it’s super cool. Few of my favourites are the Peace sign hand and Totoro! Also my cute little tinkerbell I got last year from Disneyland.Β β™₯


β€’ Harry Potter and the cursed childΒ β€’

I cannot contain my excitement of this book to be released, I have pre-ordered my copy of the book and July cannot come quick enough! I am so pleased she has written this book and am eager to find out what story will unfold from it, eeeek! I love all things Harry Potter and I think it was the one of the best things to happen to this generation, the books and the films.


I hope you liked my first ‘What I’m geeking about’ post! I really enjoyed writing something that is all about my personal life and things that I enjoy in my day to day life. πŸ™‚


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5 thoughts on “What I’m currently geeking about!

  1. I’ve loved all the Marvel films, definitely excited for these ones! I still haven’t watched Batman vs Superman, so need to do that πŸ™‚


  2. I am totally obsessed with pins! I even have my own press for making my own, I’m such a nerd πŸ˜› I am really excited for the new Harry Potter too. Loved this post. Looking forward to hearing more about what you’re geeking out about.


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