It’s been a weird month, not a lot has happened and it has gone kind of fast but hasn’t.. I’m not really making much sense right now but hey, ho. March has come and gone and April is now here, I do love Easter, SO MUCH CHOCOLATE yum.

β€’ The beginning of the month as usual, I went to re:up with my boyfriend and friends and it was a great night out which involves lots of drinking and even more dancing!

β€’ I am so in love with our new cats we have, Tink and Nala. They are the cuddliest cats ever.

β€’ Me and Adam have been indulging in our favourite place to eat, Wagamamas! SO GOOD.


β€’ I then went and got my claws done! πŸ˜› I love them so much. Black, of course.

β€’ I have been channelling my witchy vibes a lot lately too, this dress is gorgeous and it’s from H&M Β£14.99. LOVE. Ooh I dyed my hair back silver tooooo.

β€’ At the end of the month I went out with all my work friend to a Kisstory event at a club in our city and it was super fun.

I’ve been watching:

American horror story : Coven

The walking dead

Sankarea : Undying love

Sailor Moon

What I’ve been listening to:

Kerrang radio

Melanie Martinez

Hey Violet

What I’ve been reading:

Eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell

Rock sound magazine

The only bad thing about this month was that I lost my phone, well it disappeared from my bag -.- whilst out in town, how annoying! All in all it’s been a good and positive month. Here is to a happy fun April.


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