My style icons.

I love making a stand out appearance on my style and I love to try new things and not be afraid to wear what I want to wear, even if sometimes it will be a bit different and I will get some (OK a lot) of stares. I am used to people staring at me even tho I still don’t like it and I can sometimes feel a bit paranoid and anxious, but I choose to look this way so it is nothing that I don’t expect to be honest. Especially when I’m walking around with my funky hair colours that stand out to people haha.

There are soooo many beautiful people that inspire me with their fashion style, tattoos and hair and I love to get ideas from each one. Most of these people being fashion bloggers or Youtubers!

The first person I love is Leanne Woodfull. She is a 22 year old Irish blogger and Youtuber and I love her grunge rock look she has going on. From her jewellery to her fishnet tights I get so much inspiration from the girl. I follow her on all social media and what not and I just really love her! Her blog is the best as she reallys shows off all her fashion and style images, she takes a great photo! You can find her blog here –> ThunderAndThreads

Next is actually a friend of Leanne and her name is Helen Anderson. She also had a blog and Youtube, but her youtube channel is one of my favourites to watch! She is super funny and so real and down to earth, she is a crazy lady! I love her style she likes to be different and spice it up, quirky mixed with rock chick = I adore! Her vlogs are also so good and I love to sit and binge watch them. Her Youtube channel –> HelenAnderson

Another stunning british blogger/youtuber is Zoe London. She is a cool blue hair rock chick and she is so adorable and I really love her style and her personality too. She again has the whole rock chick vibe going on and I have major outfit inspo from her. I love her fringe and it is one of the reason I cut my hair into a full fringe before, i love her hairstyles and makeup looks and her youtube is awesome aswell as her blog. Her blog is here –> ZoeLondon

Lastly here is the gorgeous American beauty, Brittany Balyn. She is stunning and I love her and her boyfriend vlogs, always making me smile. She is a lot like me in the way that she always changes her hair colour, one minute silver then pink then blue then purple. She is so lush and her instagram is so nice to look through. Her Youtube –> BrittanyBalyn

So that was just 4 of my super grunge/cute/rock chicks who have amazing style along with their lovely personalities πŸ˜€ B-E-A-UTIFUL.

Who are your style icons and inspirations?


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